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Welcome to Pacific Green Funding!

We specialize in custom mortgage solutions for home purchase or refinance in the state of California.

Will you be purchasing or refinancing a home this year?

Save time and money with Pacific Green Funding! We run a 100% paperless operation and use the technology to the maximum extent possible to streamline the loan origination process. We work with several wholesale lenders to bring you the best product available in the market. We also work with several closing agent companies to reduce your closing costs. Ask us for more information on how to save money on closing costs.

We believe that no one loan is right for everyone. Instead, we listen to your goals and the details of your current situation in order to find you the best possible mortgage. Work with the best in the industry to get your home purchased or refinanced at the best possible rate.

Buying a house with a mortgage is just a transition from renting the house to renting the money.” – If you believe in this you have the most to benefit from us! Call us at 510-54-LOANS to talk about how we can help you.


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